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Q. What is the maximum distance I can travel with a full charge?
A. The battery life lasts for about  22 miles with cruise control function: on, speed:20km/h, load: 75kg, wind: <10km/h.

Q. What about the charging time?
A. The total time needed to restore a full charge is between 1.5 and 2 hours – using a regular wall outlet.

Q. Is the speed limited? What about the speed control?
A. Press the right thumb accelerator to control the speed (check your user manual provided with your purchased product) . The E-Twow’s speed is fully variable, from slow to a top speed of 35 km/h. The speed is customizable from the central control unit and the maximum speed will be limited accordingly to specific country legislation. In most countries the top speed of such a vehicle is limited at 24Km/h (14.6mph). Besides, sidewalk traffic must respect the speed of 6 km/h (3mph). This product respects the most strict legislation from countries like Israel, Australia, New Zealand or Switzerland.

Q. HOW DO YOU USE brakes ON THE the scooter?
A. Press the left thumb and the electronic magnetic brake will operate. The greater pressure you put, the greater braking force will be. Electronic braking system with energy recovery is very efficient. You need to take a few tries to learn how to do it. Avoid operating the brake too violently. This can cause you to be pushed forward. You need to anticipate the traffic and to stop at a convenient distance. In an emergency, it’s recommended to use the foot brake, but please do not use the emergency brake at high speed to avoid the wheel damage. In this case, company will not be responsible for the damage. (please refer to the user manual provided with the purchased product).

Q. Cruise control is provided with this scooter?
A. Yes, the scooter has cruise control function. Press the acceleration right thumb for 5 seconds and the cruise control will automatically enter.

Q. Are the wheels comfortable?
A. The front wheel, with the integrated motor, has a soft rubber that makes it very silent and comfortable. There’s almost no difference compared to an inflated wheel. The back wheel has a semi hard rubber. Advantages include little noise, and not much ground friction, all this contributing to the scooter’s performance about speed and battery life. An inflated wheel or a soft rubber tire would not do well with the presence of the emergency brake in the back. With the rear spring shock absorber your comfort is assured.

Q. Can I buy an E-Twow mini e-scooter through a retail dealer from my country?
A. Yes, in a short time.

Q. What colors are available for sale?
A. In this moment we sale only in black, white, grey, and neon green. We have capability to do many colors. Due to the fact that customized color is expensive, it’s our intention to offer users colors they like at an affordable price.

Q. How much does E-Twow mini e-scooter weight?
A. The lightest version weighs only  23lbs, for other versions please check the user manual provided with your purchased product.

Q. What are weight limits for E-Twow?
A. The E-Twow has a limit of weight capacity of approximately 250 lbs. but scooter can handle up to 280lbs.

Q. When do I need to change the E-Twow battery?
A. The lithium battery provided can be recharged at least 500 times, under normal usage can reach more than 1,000 times.

Q. What is the scooter’s warranty?
A. We provides one year limited warranty on the product and parts and one year for battery or 3000km (1865mi) whatever comes first. Our goal is to create a product that can delivers 100% satisfaction for our customers.

Q. In the case of a battery issue, can we easily remove it and install a new battery?
A. Battery is replaceable by user – with tools (please see the video in the My E-Twow/Video section or refer to the User Manual provided with purchased product). It’s located inside the standing board and sealed securely. We designed this way so that it’s theft resistant and water resistant.

Q. Is it easy to fully fold and unfold the scooter?
A. Yes, it is very easy, please refer to the user manual provided with your purchase or see the video in the My E-Twow/Video section.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum height recommended for riders regarding handlebars?
A. The handlebar has 2 positions for height adjustment. Since everybody has their own comfort position, we do not have height limits suggested except that you need to feel safe on the scooter yourself.

Q. It is possible to go up hills?
A. Yes, you can go to a 15 degree slope, even about 20 degree with the powerful BOOSTER model.

Q. How to pass bumpers or go through the edge of the sidewalks?
A. E-Twow easily overcomes small obstacles up to 4cm height and descends from obstacles up to 10cm height.

Q. Will you be producing accessories such as helmets, vests, shopping bags, etc?
A. At this point, we only focus on scooter. We only recommend you to use related accessories – please refer to the Accessories under Support section.

Q. What’s in the box?
E-Twow scooter
Certificate of conformity
User manual

Q. What is the scooter’s warranty?
A. We provides one year limited warranty on product and parts only and 6 months for battery or 1500 miles, whatever comes first. Our goal is to create a product that can delivers 100% satisfaction for our customers.

Q. Is it safe to ride this type of scooter?

  1. The product is for adults only (over 18 years old), limited for one adult, please do not carry two adults at the same time. Is not suitable for minors.
  2. Please wear your safety helmet and other protective equipment when riding.
  3. Do not ride in traffic lane or unsafe roads and do not break local regulations.
  4. Please exercise in wide areas, and ride after skilled manipulation, do not ride in traffic lane.
  5. Do not make any dangerous actions when riding or riding with one hand. Keep your feet on the scooter.
  6. Do not use scooter when the temperature is lower than 0 ºC.
  7. Please slow down or get off when riding in rough or poor road conditions.
  8. Do not ride the scooter in oily or icy surface terrain.
  9. Please adjust the height of handlebar according to your height or to ensure a safety riding.
  10. Do not immerse the scooter in the water with the depth of 3 cm or spray it directly with water to avoid damage of the electrical parts of the vehicle.
  11. Please try to avoid riding in bad weather such as heavy rain and high winds to protect it.

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